Writing Projects

A while back I decided to finish a novel and refine it enough for print. That novel is The Chosen. Deciding which to complete was a hard task because I always have many projects in the works. I mention Shauna's Destiny and God's Deception elsewhere. Here are some other projects.

Death Mistress

This one begins with Detective Kate Bosco attending the funeral of her closest friend. During the service she realizes that the medical examiner had left certain details out of the report, such as the bite marks on her neck.  This leads Kate into the world of vampires and is forced into an alliance with the vampiress known as the Death Mistress. This had originally started out as a graphic novel script. After on a few pages of the graphic novel were produced I decided to turn this into a novel.


Willow is the product of government testing. She, like many other children in this country, was born autistic. She and other autistic children were experimented on by the government in hopes of turning them into assassins.  Willow battles forces of evil that the government has accidentally set free on the world.

The Vampire Anthology

This is a series of vampire tales that center around abused women and how they become vampires to eek out revenge.


This is the story of a shy boy about 10 years old who learns he is much more than he could have ever imagined. He meets a girl near his age who becomes his first and only friend and together they search for clues to his past.

Angela's Quest

This is the sequel to Ancient Conflict.  In the original trilogy the heroes traveled to an alternate world filled with wizards and ancient armies. Although Ancient Conflict is a contemporary novel, it was in the third book that the heroes get trapped in this alternate world.  Because of my love for traditional fantasy I decided to continue in this alternate world with one of the original characters.

Why Do Some See

This is nonfiction supernatural. This is an assortment of paranormal experiences from mine and others lives.


This is the hardest of them all to write. It's hard to be brutally honest with one's self.  Although being on hold for a decade, it might be time to complete the book. At my age, time is running out to get this done. I'm reminded by friends that I have a story to tell, and that it needs telling.