The D.R.A

Democratic Republic of America
In The Chosen an alternate history was created as basis for the story. In that history the North didn't win the Civil War, but was fought back, which allowed the Confederate States of America to continued into the modern world.

Many people would think that something like the Democratic Republic of America could never exist in the information age. In some respect it already does. The government and product marketing influences how people think and act. A good marketing campaign can convince millions to buy products they don't need.

Could tradition lead a country or government to destroy young lives in today's world? It does on many occasions. In some countries young girls have forced genital mutilation in an effort to ensure they remain a virgin until marriage. These girls aren't loose and out seducing men—the fear is that the girls will be raped.

There are those who are stoned to death for the simple act of loving someone of their own gender. Massive crowds will stand around and cheer as these people are tortured to death. Throughout history people have been murdered in the name of some deity. By turning the ritual killing of Élu into something religious, it's much easier to take the practice from ancient to modern times.

Some might find the ritual killing of young Élu an impossibility in the modern world, but things just as bad are happening today. There might not be some genetic disease that traditionally ended in killing, but mercy killings aren't unheard of in modern society. Euthanasia is legal in several countries and even some American states.

What separates the killing of Élu from euthanasia of today is political power. Because something that began as compassion became connected to political power, it changed forever.